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We Exterminate Bees as needed in the Inland Empire

Bees play a vital role in our environment; these natural pollinators are an invaluable resource. When they set up their hive in your home, however, these friendly helpers can quickly pose a hazard. They might get inside the walls of your home, build hives in your roof or get into your basement. Even insects outside can lead to dangerous situations for your family and pets. Cliff’s Pest Control, Inc. understands the importance of pollinators in the Inland Empire. When you contact us for bee extermination, we will manage the situation and then help you establish effective prevention techniques. We are qualified to work with carpenter, bumble, honey and killer bees.


Wasp Control and Hornet Extermination

Getting rid of yellow jackets, bald-face hornets, mud daubers and paper wasps present a different situation. The wasp, for instance, can inflict multiple stings that are painful and very serious for those with allergies. A yellow jacket nest might easily house more than a thousand aggressive insects that are known to attack without provocation. A bald-face hornet is also quite dangerous and easily provoked. Their nests can be as large as a basketball and hold over a thousand pests as well. It takes a professional to get rid of wasps and hornets without creating a safety risk.

The Best Treatment in the Inland Empire

The best treatment for bees and similar pests requires the services of an exterminator. Safety should be the number one issue when it comes to dealing with any kind of stinging insect. At Cliff’s Pest Control, Inc., we use methods to safely and humanely protect the natural environment, your home and your family. We offer our services to Yucaipa, Redlands, Rancho Cucamonga, Highland, East Vale, Fontana, all of the Inland Empire and Beaumont. Give us a call at 909-887-1862 or 877-255-2575.



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