We Get Rid of Ticks, Fleas & Earwigs as Well

Of course, pests come in all shapes and sizes, but sometimes it’s the littlest critters that cause the most trouble. Our team of experts has experience tackling fleas, ticks and earwigs, getting rid of infestations and annoying traces of problem insects. Fleas may be tracked into the home on dogs or cats, but once they get inside, they become a human problem. The bites are uncomfortable and may transfer any number of blood-borne diseases. Sometimes as small as the head of a pin, ticks are famous for the devastation they leave in their wake. Latching onto humans, they may carry Lyme disease with symptoms that could last for a lifetime. Earwigs are found throughout the entire United States. They feed on dead things and can wreak damage on all kinds of plants.

They often enter homes through cracks or open doors.

Effective Extermination in the Inland Empire

Cliff’s Pest Control, Inc. provides our services throughout San Bernardino, Yucaipa, Redlands, Fontana, Beaumont, Rancho Cucamonga, East Vale and all of the Inland Empire. Give us a call at 909-887-1862 or 877-255-2575 to schedule a termite treatment  or property inspection.